Sean's Welcome

Welcome to Rose Record Label Group! We are an integral part of the Music Industry Program at The College of Saint Rose in Albany, NY.  RRLG is devoted to producing, releasing, and representing new music cultivated by creative students, alumni, and members of our greater community. 

Rose Record Label Group developed out of a class that brought together several aspects of the music industry, including music production, songwriting, performing, and creative roles in the music business.  The idea to create a record label came from one of our students who presented it to the rest of her class with the intention of developing a structure that closely follows and implements current practices in today’s music industry. RRLG launched in 2013, and has now grown to over 60 students participating each semester.

As Rose Record Label Group functions as an umbrella for all label operations, S.MAN Music Publishing is devoted to songwriting and licensing, Thorn Productions executes all areas concerned with recording and producing, and Petals Promotions works with distribution and both radio and digital promotion. Each branch has an active team of talented artists committed to common projects. An executive branch, comprised of representatives from each arm of the label, follows a cooperate structure.  This executive cabinet is tasked with deciding and green-lighting all projects and plans for the label.  While students serve multiple roles within RRLG, some specialize in traditional label tasks, such as artist & repertoire, distribution, promotion, licensing, artist development, public relations, and branding. These tasks are executed alongside performing, producing, and writing, as part of the curriculum in the Music Industry Program at The College of Saint Rose.  With the support of the Les Paul Foundation, Rose Record Label has been mastering and cutting records on our record cutting lathe, circa 1946.

While Rose Record Label Group is a student-run organization within a liberal arts college, it ties together current students with faculty, alumni, and other members of the Saint Rose community and beyond. We hope that you resonate with our music and that it has legs beyond our recording studios, finding channels to reach more and more listeners. I invite you to continue to visit our website and social media to hear all of the new music we are working hard to release. It is our intent to reach new audiences and to help launch the careers of all artists in our roster.

Sean McClowry

Associate Professor, Music Industry

The College of Saint Rose